Mold Testing Services

Brandy Rowe | 08/03/15

Mold remediation work is something our certified inspectors specialize in.

Cheryl Carlson | 08/02/15

Trying to cure a mold problem by yourself may not be the best idea.

Frieda Romanchuk | 07/31/15

You need to be aware that mold can be the cause of coughs and runny noses.

Cheryl Gassel | 07/31/15

We are mold experts who can expect your home for mold and take care of it for you. Our experienced mold inspectors will do an affordable mold inspection for you.

Alicia Kavalunas | 07/31/15

Be sure to vacuum portable units and keep mechanical agitation systems clear of mold and mildew.

Brandi Narvaez | 07/29/15

We can do a water damage inspection and mildew mold testing for you.

Candee Lasacano | 07/28/15

If you have laundry tubs, be sure to check near the pipes in the walls for any signs of mold.

Curtis Terkuile | 07/28/15

If you are restoring an old home, you will probably find a lot of mold under the wallboard.

Elaine Davis | 07/27/15

We do mold inspections for realtors and property managers.

Debbie Easterwood | 07/27/15

Cleaning your HVAC system regularly will help prevent contaminants from entering your home.

Debbie Withington | 07/26/15

We can do mold remediation in schools, churches and all types of commercial buildings.

Carole Reedy | 07/24/15

Mold can be dangerous to your health and the health of small children.

Denise Bell | 07/22/15

If you close off several rooms in your home when they're not in use, you may be helping mold grow.

Edward Kelleher | 07/22/15

Be sure to check under your sinks and inside the cabinets to see if any mold is forming.

Dianne Pearl | 07/22/15

HEPA filters are used to prevent allergens from entering a home.

Angela Lee | 07/20/15

Property managers can call us to do affordable mold inspections for their communities. Plumbing problems are probably the most common reasons people end up with mold issues.

Bonnie Webb | 07/19/15

If you have water leading behind your shower, you will most likely have a mold issue. Itchy eyes and a runny nose may be caused by a mold problem in your home.

Eileen Lloyd | 07/19/15

Mold prevention should be something your family should be aware.

Carrie Smith | 07/19/15

Cleaning your air ducts often will help keep your home safe from allergens. It is extremely important for you to be sure to have your home and office cleaned regularly and checked by our mold inspectors for the many types of mold that may be forming.

Claire Brodie | 07/18/15

Air purifiers will help control mold and mildew in your home or apartment.

Amanda Vagle | 07/16/15

Call on our mold inspector to acquire samples of the mold both on the inside and outside of your home.

Brenda Price | 07/16/15

Mold removal is best left to specially certified technicians.

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