Mold Testing Services

Edward Ruppel | 07/02/15

If you have laundry tubs, be sure to check near the pipes in the walls for any signs of mold.

Amanda Leaf | 07/01/15

If you are selling your home, be sure you take care of all the mold issues before you put that for sale sign up.

Baxter Kremer | 07/01/15

Negative pressure can be used to control all types of contaminants.

Bobbie Steninger | 07/01/15

If you think you may have mold in your home, it's best to call us to do laboratory testing for you.

Cheree Coriz | 06/29/15

Preventing moisture is what you need to do to help prevent mold.

Amanda Heavenston | 06/29/15

Our certified mold inspectors will look at every place mold can possibly start.

Doreen Roepke | 06/27/15

HVAC cleanup is a big part of the services we provide. Mold testing is something that can prevent allergy problems in the future.

Ashley Borgfield | 06/27/15

At the first sight of mold, give our expert team a call.

Doreen Walsh | 06/26/15

You may not realize that cold air conditioned areas can also trap moisture within the walls.

Denise Miller | 06/26/15

If you suffer from asthma, be sure to have your home checked for mold often.

Andrew Foor | 06/25/15

We offer affordable mold testing, including black mold investigation. Mold removal is best left to specially certified technicians.

Cerise Nichol | 06/25/15

You are being exposed to allergens and mold on a daily basis and probably don't know it.

Angela Eastman | 06/25/15

If you have a runny nose all the time, you need to have a mold inspection in your home and office.

Angela Hamilton | 06/24/15

If you don't have a HEPA filter in your home, you may want to get one to help everyone breathe better.

Gaylan Wurst | 06/24/15

The mold disclosure act makes sure real estate agents do not sell homes that infested with mold.

Angela Sims | 06/22/15

Mold remediation work is something our certified inspectors specialize in. Be sure to vacuum portable units and keep mechanical agitation systems clear of mold and mildew.

Andrea Shackles | 06/21/15

We recommend negative air machines to help clean the air and keep mold away.

Gareth Moore | 06/21/15

Plumbing problems are probably the most common reasons people end up with mold issues.

Biggie Kinsey | 06/20/15

Living in a clean home does not always insure that you will not get mold problems.

Darren Marshall | 06/20/15

Property managers can call us to do affordable mold inspections for their communities.

Farnaz Lurey | 06/20/15

If you have our certified mold inspection team come to your home, we will find any mold growth you might have.

E Mull | 06/20/15

We do mold inspections for realtors and property managers.

Daniel Hoehn | 06/19/15

You may find that mold will form faster in warm weather.

Debbie Courtney | 06/19/15

Toxic black mold contamination can appear just about anywhere.

Carole Christe | 06/19/15

Sometimes mold is a mild irritant and sometimes it can do real damage to your health.

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