Mold Testing Services

Daniel Hope | 02/26/15

If you are working with a realtor to buy a home, be sure they guide you to have the owners bring us in to do mold testing before you sign your paperwork. If you are allergic to mold, be sure to have your home tested several times per year.

Carrie Hansen | 02/25/15

Mold prevention should be something your family should be aware. You may not realize that cold air conditioned areas can also trap moisture within the walls.

George Ackley | 02/24/15

If you are restoring an old home, you will probably find a lot of mold under the wallboard.

Angela Rodgers | 02/23/15

You are being exposed to allergens and mold on a daily basis and probably don't know it.

Alexis Montgomery | 02/23/15

Don't just cover up mold problems, you need to eliminate them completely. When our mold inspectors clean the mold in your home, you will find you will probably breathe easier.

Alexis Smollok | 02/23/15

At the first sight of mold, give our expert team a call.

Dennis Bennett | 02/22/15

If you have been through a flood because of a burst water pipe or water heater, we can help do mold cleanup for you. Property managers can call us to do affordable mold inspections for their communities.

Daniel Ladowitz | 02/21/15

Before you buy another home, call on our mold inspectors to make sure your home is free from mold spores.

George Fontanillas | 02/19/15

Cleaning your air ducts often will help keep your home safe from allergens.

Elinor Tennyson | 02/17/15

We can use infrared camera testing to find mold deep in the wood of your rafters.

Dottie Smith | 02/15/15

Water damage around your toilet or under your sink can cause mold to grow.

Alicia Mcdaniel | 02/13/15

You may have a small leak in the bathroom that you don't even know you have.

Biggie Kinsey | 02/13/15

It is extremely important for you to be sure to have your home and office cleaned regularly and checked by our mold inspectors for the many types of mold that may be forming.

Elaine Davis | 02/11/15

Before you move into a home, call on our mold inspectors to do moisture tests for you.

Andrew Puchbauer | 02/10/15

If you close off several rooms in your home when they're not in use, you may be helping mold grow.

Curtis Terkuile | 02/09/15

If you have water leading behind your shower, you will most likely have a mold issue. Plumbing problems are probably the most common reasons people end up with mold issues.

Alison Ponzo | 02/09/15

Mold removal is best left to specially certified technicians.

Cheree Coriz | 02/09/15

If you live in an apartment and there is mold in your shower, call your landlord right away. Mold remediation work is something our certified inspectors specialize in.

Brenda Navellier | 02/07/15

We will send your mold samples to an accredited lab to get it tested for mold.

Carole Thompson | 02/06/15

Our mold inspection company is the one to call when you suspect you have mold. If you think you may have mold in your home, it's best to call us to do laboratory testing for you.

Dennis Johns | 02/04/15

There are all types of symptoms that can tell you there is a mold problem in your home.

Arthur Klein | 02/02/15

Cleaning your HVAC system regularly will help prevent contaminants from entering your home.

Denice Lewis | 02/02/15

You need to be aware that mold can be the cause of coughs and runny noses.

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