Mold Testing Services

Angela Souders | 01/31/15

We can do mold remediation in schools, churches and all types of commercial buildings.

Arthur Nielsen | 01/29/15

If you live in an apartment and there is mold in your shower, call your landlord right away. You are being exposed to allergens and mold on a daily basis and probably don't know it.

Bonnie Monhart | 01/28/15

Mold removal is best left to specially certified technicians.

Dpttye Bennett | 01/26/15

We offer affordable mold testing, including black mold investigation.

Ashley Ribeiro | 01/26/15

If you are remodeling your home, chances are you may find some mold inside the walls.

Alissa Sizemore | 01/26/15

Cleaning your HVAC system regularly will help prevent contaminants from entering your home.

Billie Aukschun | 01/26/15

If you keep the doors closed on your laundry room when you are washing clothes, you may be breeding mold every day. If you clean your furnace, be sure to have it cleaned for microbial contamination.

George Geary | 01/26/15

Don't just cover up mold problems, you need to eliminate them completely. If you use green cleaners, you will be less likely to end up with toxins in your home.

Andrew Ouzts | 01/24/15

Air purifiers will help control mold and mildew in your home or apartment.

Amanda Green | 01/24/15

Property managers can call us to do affordable mold inspections for their communities.

Connie Negron | 01/22/15

We will send your mold samples to an accredited lab to get it tested for mold.

Debbie Hitchman | 01/21/15

Air conditioning units that are leaking may cause mold to form.

Brenda Scheider | 01/19/15

Mold is not always visible, so you may not know that you have a problem.

Brenda Aguayo | 01/18/15

If you do a mold sampling, we can do an analysis for you.

Edward Finderson | 01/16/15

If you suffer from asthma, be sure to have your home checked for mold often.

Aisnet Aranguren | 01/14/15

Preventing moisture is what you need to do to help prevent mold.

Amanda Carter | 01/13/15

We can perform a mold remediation for you to clear your home of toxins.

Alexis Montgomery | 01/11/15

Water leaks can cause extensive problems in your drywall as well as creating mold. Homes that have been empty for some time before they are sold may show up with mold issues.

Dennis Dearie | 01/11/15

Lumber mold is very common and can cause problems for people with allergies. Living in a clean home does not always insure that you will not get mold problems.

Bonnie Grzegorzewski | 01/09/15

Negative pressure can be used to control all types of contaminants.

Debbie Joyner | 01/09/15

You need to know that you can never totally get rid of mold because it is everywhere in the world. If you don't have a HEPA filter in your home, you may want to get one to help everyone breathe better.

Eileen Dummer | 01/08/15

If you are renovating an old home, be sure to have our mold inspectors check it out for you.

Ashley Gulick | 01/06/15

If you think you may have mold in your home, it's best to call us to do laboratory testing for you. We can answer all kinds of questions you might have on mold and mildew cleanup.

Amanda Marley | 01/05/15

Water damage around your toilet or under your sink can cause mold to grow.

Carrie Montague | 01/05/15

Trying to cure a mold problem by yourself may not be the best idea.

Daniel Hoehn | 01/05/15

When our mold inspectors clean the mold in your home, you will find you will probably breathe easier.

Blythe Fisher | 01/03/15

If you have been through a flood because of a burst water pipe or water heater, we can help do mold cleanup for you.

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