Mold Testing Services

Cheryl Jost | 07/27/14

Air purifiers will help control mold and mildew in your home or apartment.

Amanda Woodrum | 07/25/14

Our experienced mold inspectors will do an affordable mold inspection for you.

Claire Brodie | 07/24/14

Mold can be dangerous to your health and the health of small children.

Andrea Falcione | 07/23/14

If you have a runny nose all the time, you need to have a mold inspection in your home and office.

Edward Ladner | 07/21/14

We can answer all kinds of questions you might have on mold and mildew cleanup.

Condor Bethell | 07/19/14

Itchy eyes and a runny nose may be caused by a mold problem in your home. Beware of mold that can grow inside the wall around any of the sinks in your home.

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Bonnie Sentek | 07/18/14

If you are selling your home, be sure you take care of all the mold issues before you put that for sale sign up.

Alissa Arp | 07/16/14

There are all types of allergens in homes as well as outdoors.

Debbie Hartke | 07/14/14

Before you buy another home, call on our mold inspectors to make sure your home is free from mold spores.

Brenda Lofton | 07/12/14

If you are allergic to mold, be sure to have your home tested several times per year.

Amanda Melton | 07/10/14

Using a dehumidifier is a good idea if you have moist areas in your home.

Angela Sims | 07/09/14

Call on our mold inspector to acquire samples of the mold both on the inside and outside of your home.

Amanda Herndon | 07/07/14

Water damage around your toilet or under your sink can cause mold to grow.

Carter Speer | 07/05/14

If you close off several rooms in your home when they're not in use, you may be helping mold grow.

Ashley Fox | 07/03/14

Homes that have been empty for some time before they are sold may show up with mold issues. If you don't have a HEPA filter in your home, you may want to get one to help everyone breathe better.

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Dianne Hodges | 07/01/14

Mold removal is best left to specially certified technicians.

Deanna Mccarson | 06/29/14

There are all types of symptoms that can tell you there is a mold problem in your home.

Carina Vretman | 06/28/14

HVAC cleanup is a big part of the services we provide.

Carole Wolf | 06/28/14

If you have a lot of humidity in a room, such as a laundry room, beware you may have a mold problem brewing.

Amanda Bruce | 06/26/14

Lumber mold is very common and can cause problems for people with allergies.

Arthur Scoates | 06/25/14

If you have our certified mold inspection team come to your home, we will find any mold growth you might have.

Angela Lee | 06/23/14

If you are working with a realtor to buy a home, be sure they guide you to have the owners bring us in to do mold testing before you sign your paperwork.

Daniel Carmack | 06/23/14

When you're looking for a home, be sure to have your inspector check for mold.

Debbie Rymon | 06/23/14

If you end up with mildew on your clothes, you may have mold problems in your laundry room.

Edward Falcone | 06/23/14

Cleaning your air ducts often will help keep your home safe from allergens.

Cheryl Rogers | 06/22/14

If you suffer from asthma, be sure to have your home checked for mold often.

Cathee Kaitanjian | 06/22/14

The mold disclosure act makes sure real estate agents do not sell homes that infested with mold.

Aurora Fattah | 06/20/14

We will bring moisture meters and mold sampling pumps when we come for an inspection.

Andrea Jones | 06/18/14

Plumbing problems are probably the most common reasons people end up with mold issues.

Amanda White | 06/16/14

Water leaks can cause extensive problems in your drywall as well as creating mold.

Evelyn Moran | 06/15/14

Negative pressure can be used to control all types of contaminants.

Ardith Browne | 06/14/14

Check out the mold remediation tips on our website.

Angela Cremeans | 06/13/14

At the first sight of mold, give our expert team a call.

Andrea Atkinson | 06/12/14

If you are renovating an old home, be sure to have our mold inspectors check it out for you.

Curtis Gehant | 06/11/14

Sometimes mold is a mild irritant and sometimes it can do real damage to your health.

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